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Let’s see, about me; I’m a great Kitchen listener, adventure seeker, animal loving’, secret keeping, coffee sippin’, wine tastin’, optimistic, gun shooting, God fearing woman who loves working out, nature & hiking!  Getting old is not on my radar.

I was told I should write a book so I finally gave in and I’m working on that plus writing articles & sharing what I’ve learned straight from my kitchen!

I don’t like to cook anymore (even though I do at times) but I love watching my husband whip it all up because he loves to cook!  (Happy wife 🙂 )  I do like picking things right out of the garden and eating them straight (unless of course there are signs of bird-poo on them)!!

My husband works from home and we are farm owners too.  I don’t always stay in the kitchen; I’m pretty hands on when it comes to getting down & dirty in the garden and with the animals!

Proud to say I’m a Military daughter, granddaughter & mom.  🙂

I take a lot of pictures!!!  (Just wanted to throw my pics hobby in there.)

I earned some serious stripes and a few badges while raising my 4 children as a single mom for many years… Success!
Toughest yet Best experience of my life!

I love, love, love kids; mine and everyone else’s too. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law now & others that may join our family as well one day.  🙂 Hate being an “empty-nester” but I will say my kids have become awesome adults and we’re still super close,  which is a (good) mothers’ dream!  🙂

I was a Realtor & a Broker’s Assistant most of my adult life and then became a Broker Associate…
Great career but when the market went down by 2010, I decided to change my direction.  (I’ll never forget those who helped this single mother  during some tough times though.  😀 )
Then my 2nd childhood came…
I went back to college to become a Surgical Technologist after my kids were grown and walked away with a 3.92 GPA!  The brain still works; still got it!    Unfortunately, when we moved the farm to Gods real country (Narnia I call it), the hospitals are too far away to drive everyday, so here I am; with you, in my kitchen feeling totally satisfied, successful & looking for new adventures everyday!!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I’ll start each day in the kitchen to find out!