7 ways to become Superwoman a.k.a. …a Single mom!

You walk out of the courthouse, the divorce is final then BAM!  Reality sets in; I’m actually a single mom now! As you sit in your car your heart starts racing; you feel relieved yet scared out of your mind!

You’re thinking; I can do this yet as you’re cheering yourself on, your creepy, little Negative-Nancy voice is nudging you and your whole train of thought shifts to the left; “No, wait, I can’t do this alone!” What was I thinking? I’m doomed!

  • How will I raise my kids alone?
  • I’ll never be able to afford all those bills, groceries, insurance, etc.!
  • Juggling kids, work and life will be impossible!
  • We could lose everything and end up living under a bridge in a box?
  • What if my kids blame me for everything and want to live with their dad?

Oh, and I’ll never have a social life, extra money or even a vacation until they’re grown!

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