Welcome to my kitchen! Hop up on the counter or pull up a chair!

The most valuable, precious things I’ve learned in life didn’t come from school, college or work but instead…
…from the kitchen!

Famous TV shows circulate in it.                                                                           Holiday’s and families gather in it.
Our kids grab snacks and run through it.
Marriage & divorces begin and end in it.
Phone calls & meetings come alive in it.
Great meals are whipped up & devoured in it.

Whatever people experience in life, the kitchen sees and hears it all!

Years & years of looking into the eyes of many souls, I acquired great knowledge and in turn, taught others who wanted to listen & learn as well; all from a little room we call a kitchen.

Now I’m inspired to help others with some tasty insight from my kitchen to yours.

Close up

About me?  Hmmmmmmm, well, I was told I should write a BOOK so I gave in and I’m finally working on it plus writing articles & sharing what I know straight from my kitchen!

I don’t like to cook anymore but I love watching my husband whip it all up because he loves to cook!  (Happy wife 🙂 )  I like picking things right out of the garden and eating them straight!!

My husband and I are farm owners and I’m pretty hands on when it comes to getting down & dirty with the garden and the animals!  I’m also a Military daughter, granddaughter & mom.  🙂

I take lots of pictures!!!  (Just wanted to throw that in there; pics .)

I earned some serious stripes and a few badges (figure of speech) while raising my 4 children as a single mom for many years…wooo-hooo!
Toughest yet Best experience of my life!
I love, love, love kids; mine and everyone else’s too. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law now & others
that may join our family as well one day. 🙂

Hate being an “empty-nester” but I will say my kids have become awesome adults and we’re still super close,  which is a mothers’ dream!  🙂

I was a Realtor & Broker’s Assistants most of my adult life and then became a Broker Associate. Great career!   (I’ll never forget those who helped this single mother keep my spirits up during some tough times too.  😀 )

Then my 2nd childhood came….so I went back to college to become a Surgical Technologist after my kids were grown and walked away with a 3.92 GPA!  The brain still works; still got it!    Unfortunately, when we moved the farm to Gods real country (Narnia I call it), the hospitals are too far away to drive everyday, so here I am; with you, in my kitchen feeling totally satisfied, successful & looking for new adventures everyday!!

Let’s see, what else?
Too much to write about but I’m also a GREAT Kitchen listener, a part-time traveler, animal loving’, coffee sippin’, wine tastin’, protein-shake gulpin’, gun shooting woman who loves nature, the woods & hiking!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I’ll start each day in the kitchen to find out.


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